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Stenciled Walls

April 29, 2010

I love patterned walls and especially love the new modern wallpaper patterns popping up everywhere. There’s just one problem though: the fiancé HATES wallpaper and I have been forbidden to ever use it.

You see when he first moved into his house (now our house) he had to take down wallpaper and it was a HUGE headache. So no matter how many times I try to convince him it’s different now he’s been too traumatized to ever consider wallpaper again.

The solution? Stenciled walls of course. The two of us stayed at the Nines in Portland several months ago and I fell in love with the décor there and one of the aspects of it was the stenciled walls, which I’m sure took ages to do, but looked phenomenal.

Ever since then I have kept my eyes open for inspiring stenciled walls and bookmarked this Apartment Therapy How To post. Here’s a pic of a patterned wall that I think was done really well.